Our law firm was founded in 1968 by the lawyers Jürgen Vogt and Günther Casimir. Until 2009, they were also active as notaries. 1977, the lawyer Thomas Weinreich entered the firm, who became a notary in 1997. In the year 1984, the offices at Kurfürstendamm were rented. In 1995, Dr. Aarne Stüven, certified lawyer of insurance law, became part of the firm.



Since 2002 Advogada Maria do Rosário de Pinho Baye, who completed her legal education in Portugal and is a member of the bar association in Portugal as well as in Berlin, is a member of our firm.In Juy 2008, the lawyer Karsten Balke entered our firm, who strengthened our knowledge in the field of intellectual property rights and international private law.



In the early summer of 2011, the lawyer Benjamin Kraatz was recruited as the youngest member of our law firm and has since enforced our competences in the fields of economic and contract law, as well as in copyright and intellectual property.



Since early 2014, the lawyer Marian Hensky is the newest member of our team. This has increased the expertise of our law firm in the fields of international economic law as well as corporate and social law.